Tairay Special Equipment ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. is a Sino-foreign cooperative enterprises established in 2004. The founder of the company has won a number of design patents heliports and was previously employed as a consultant to Wan Chai Ferry Pier , Hong Kong SAR Government.
He is very experienced in domestic and international civil aviation regulations ,and is familiar with the statutory requirements of the civil aviation authority helipad .
Tairay has project experience in many places in Asia. Tairay is a leader in the industry especially for the Chinese domestic market . The company has own many awards for several major projects commissioned by state-owned central enterprises and government agencies.
The company has obtained ISO9001-2008 and GB/T50430 certification. , It has its own construction and installation qualification and production base, is the Shanghai -tech enterprises and high-tech enterprises .
Tairay uses the latest world leading technology in its products. It owns more than 10 international helipad patented products.
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