Core values

“Innovation、 Honesty、Responsibility”

(Innovation、 Honesty、Responsibility)

■ Using idea innovation as the lead
   Technological innovation as a means
   Market innovation as the goal

■ Integrity, sincerity ,genuine ,law-abiding

■ To realize the harmonious development of the enterprise and employees,as well as the development of the company
and the society

■ Actively taking on responsibilities ,have the courage to bear responsibilitiesy dutifully complete responsibilities


■ Customer success - committed to customer satisfaction and success

■ Beyond the self - establish a first-class enterprises, make the best contribution

■ The pursuit of excellence - through continuous improvement,reliable operation, deliver our commitment

■ Innovate - Based on today, look to the future, to break the routine,achieve breakthrough Creating value for customers,
creating beautiful cities and to become the industry's benchmark