Professional helicopter apron location in Beitang Binhai New


The first professional helicopter apron project in Binhai New Area recently completed siting. Reportedly, the project by the administrative committee of Beitang Economic Zone Investment building. After the completion of the project, Beitang will be docked in various large helicopters, and become the new first to achieve full coverage area of the three-dimensional traffic network and at the same time, the function of Beitang economic zone has been further improved.

According to introduction, the project is located between Beitang Binhai Economic Zone International Conference on industrial district and Beitang Town, planning covers an area of 9000 square meters. The helipad will be built in accordance with international standards, after the completion of the main for the public security, rescue, medical, business, tourism and other industries to provide helicopter stops and stop services. Then, in case of natural disasters, Soranaka Abu command support or the transfer of critically ill patients in emergency, apron as executive air rescue mission aircraft emergency stopping. At the same time, it can also provide docking sites for business people and tourists plane. Relevant responsible person said, at present, the apron has entered the planning and design stage, is about to start construction, is expected to completed during the year.