The deployment of helicopters involved in fighting the Jiang


With the three-dimensional cross fire fighting measures, in August 20th, Wuning Luo Ping Zhen forest fire fire in the controllable range.

In August 10th 18 when make, Luo Ping Zhen Dong Ping Cun, Wuning County, the forest fire caused by lightning mountain peaks. Because of the fire at an altitude of 400 meters to 600 meters peaks, steep mountains, fighting difficult. Jiujiang and Wuning County, Wuning, has mobilized Xiushui, Yongxiu, Dean, Ruichang, Mount Lu professional forest fire brigade and the local semi professional fire team, emergency team of more than 700 people participated in fighting. Forest fire headquarters sent a group of experts on-site guidance fire suppression, and applied for the national fire ban deployed helicopter support. 18 day and 19 day, has conducted three flights of aircraft flew over the fire sprinkler. Weather modification department also seize the favorable weather conditions for artificial precipitation operation. At the same time, Wuning county organized 20 emergency teams involved in fighting, and opened up fire more than 10 kilometers of the band. At present, fire area of about 500 acres, no casualties and damage to housing, the fire basically under control.