Air to ground Radio Control


The RC 311 radio-controller allows the remote control of any connected equipment, by means of a coded radio signal, consisting in a sequence of carrier pulses. It mainly consists of an amplitude modulation radio receiver and an activation circuit, and it operates at a fixed frequency, into the 118_136 MHz band, to be set before delivery. The RC 311 radio-controller complies with the FAA specifications L-854 (as in the Advisory CIRCULAR ac 150/5345-49) FOR TYPE I AM receiver and style A decoder and therefore it is suitable to be used to switch on the aerodrome’s lights, which is the more frequent use of this apparatus. The RC 311 radio-control drives the automatic switching-off of the lights 15 minutes after the reception of the last activating signal.

Technical Characteristics

• receiving frequency band from 118 to 136 MHz, amplitude modulation;

• local oscillator controlled by crystal;

• channeling 25 KHz;

• control outputs 2 set of relay contacts (10A-250Vac);

• relay energizing time15 minutes;

• input voltage 230 or 120V 50/60 Hz;

• electrical power 10 W in stand-by, 20W during activation;

• watertight enclosure: IP 55 (complying to IEC 529);

• cabinet in steel with grey painting (RAL 7032);working temperature from -25° a +65°;

• antenna ‘ground plane’ type air band;

• impedance 50 Ohm.