LED Heliport Beacon


ICAO recommends the use of an heliport beacon in particular when:

• long range visual guidance is not provided by other means;

• identification of the heliport is difficult due to surrounding lights or obstacle. The heliport beacon, in accordance with the ICAO standards, has a four lamps sequence, corresponding to the letter “H”(Morse code) that can be dimmerable (100%, 10% or 3%) depending on the night visibility or the helicopter distance. It should be located in an elevated position where the light can be shown at all angles of azimuth, but relatively far from the helipad, so to avoid dazzling of the pilot during final approach.

Technical Characteristics

• light alloy body, with inhibiting and polyurethanic painting with polyester primer (orange RAL 2004);

• brilliancy control: 100%, 10%, 3%;

• thermoresistant clear glass caps, shaped as toroidal Fresnel lens;

• input voltage 24 (brilliancy at 10%), 120 or 230V , 50/60Hz;

• two xenon lamps working alternatively;

• electrical power equivalent to 400W;

• watertight enclosure: IP55 (complying to IEC 529)

• chromium-plated brass cable gland

• option: remote control for switch and brilliancy control