LED Low Intensity Obstruction Light

LED Low Intensity Obstruction Light

LED Low Intensity Obstruction Light


The low intensity obstruction light is designed in accordance with the requirements of ICAO (Annex 14, Vol. I,par. 6.3.23) and is dedicated to the night signalling of obstacles.The signal installs state-of-the-art red LED high-flux technology to save significantly the power consumption and to increase drastically the life lasting, so to reduce life cycle costs with respect to the standard incandescent lamps.The system can be operated at 12, 24, 120 or 230V as input voltage, as a steady or flashing light. The mechanical interface for mounting is a threaded 1”bottom hub.

Optionally the system is available as single or dual unit, with increased performance (>50 cd) or for remote installation with solar panel power supply.

Technical Characteristics

light alloy body, with inhibiting treatment

• thermoresistant white glass cap

• input voltage: 12, 24, 120 or 230 V, 50/60Hz

• State-of-the-art high-flux LED technology

• electrical power: 6 W

• watertight enclosure IP 55 (complying to IEC 529) and self-contained wiring compartment to eliminate additional boxes

• earth grounding provisions provided

• delivery package: 3 Kg, 200x200x300mm

• mechanical interface: threaded 1” bottom hub