LED Omnidirectional Perimeter Light

LED Omnidirectional Perimeter Light


Developed in accordance with the ICAO standards, the omnidirectional perimeter lights are available in different aeronautical colours to allow correct

lighting of FATO (Final Approach and Take-Off) and TLOF (Touchdown and Lift-OFf) areas and parking or taxiway areas. The signal installs state-of-the-art LED high-flux technology to save significantly the power consumption and to increase drastically the life lasting, so to reduce life cycle costs with respect to the standard incandescent lamps. The photometric diagrams largely perform the ICAO minimum values for the different functions. The signal is designed for inset or elevated installation, using two different supporting frame. A sturdy sector mask is available on request to protect the glass lens against impact (as by snow-ploughs).

Technical Characteristics

• light alloy body, with inhibiting treatment

• PMMA cap

• input voltage: 12, 24, 120 or 230 V, 50/60Hz

• State-of-the-art high-flux LED technology,

available in white, yellow, red, green and blue

• electrical power: 15 W

• watertight enclosure IP 67 (complying to IEC 529)

• earth grounding provisions provided

• different frames available for inset or elevated installation