Equipment supply

Tairay supplies all kinds of heliports equipments, including navigation systems, power distribution systems, fire systems, surveillance systems , security systems, shockproof aluminum skid deck ,elastic polymer landing board, marking paint , locking bolt, emergency rescue equipment , and other equipment based on our customer's needs and requirements.

We are the agent for Calzoni navigation system from Italy , The Calzoni system is the world 's leading aviation navigation equipment, which complies to  ICAO and CAAC standards , The lighting intensity of each angle heliport meets Chinese civil space flight MH5013-2008 technology standard specification . The entire system is fully automated and requires no operator management .

Tairay's research and development team designed various types of tarmac patented products, such as addition to the traditional concrete platform , also developed and used aluminum deck helipad on the market today , aluminum deck can not only reduce the overall load of the building , its structure is strong enough, and eliminating late maintenance , which offers customers a safe and secure , zero-maintenance modern helicopter platform.

Companies with a ramp and automatic water separator snow removal equipment , snow removal equipment auto-sensing of snow , heat exchange snow starts automatically , shut down automatically after Xueting snow switch, standby 24 hours a day to keep the ramp function , the entire oil-water separator to the tarmac with to green effect.